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Kooskie is an app that is similar to the coupon cards that are sold by high school students and are filled with local vendor deals. However, Kooskie goes far beyond food and a limited number of retail shops. It is nationwide and uses your current location to find the closest deals to you, including name brand deals for over 300,000 shopping vendors. You can even save money on travel expenses like hotels and car rentals. Families of students or athletes can send out an email or share a personalized link to friends on social media instead of having to sell door to door. If the person you refer buys the app for the team, the team gets not only the initial funds, but also yearly residuals, funding the club or team as a whole for years to come. Local schools and private organizations are getting all their fundraising quicker, families are not annoyed, and less fundraising is needed in years to come.

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It's easy to get started as a Kooskie Fundraising Partner. Create your Fundraising Partner account by filling out the form below. You can then customize it by adding your organization's logo. From there, sharing is easy! You'll be able to generate your own personalized link to share through email or social media to bring people to your page. You will also have the option to print brochures or simply have friends and family find your organization's page using your unique Partner ID. After you share, sit back, relax and watch the results speak for themselves.